Long protected in a magical mist, the lands of Mauritanja was once a floating island, but more recently, the mists that surrounded the lands have dissipated and the islands have anchored themselves to the south of the Heartlands. Since then, the people of Mauritanja have formed as a faction, naming themselves after the Unicorns of their homelands, and have brought their business to the Heartlands of Erdreja.

When Holy Isle landed back on Erdreja, much of Mauritanja become flooded, and many islands were lost. Three of Shadow Isles, Thorn Island, Kitaru Isle, three of the Rainbow Isles, three Forest Isles Lesser Brest Isle and Boreth Isle sank beneath the waves. However, when the protections of the Mauritanjan Mists failed, other islands were found, Far Reach and Adelena to name but a few.

The lands of Mauritanja hold many mysteries, many of which are even unknown to its inhabitants. From the unexplored Savannah of North Isle to the great volcano of Illyria, Mauritanja guards many secrets waiting to be discovered.

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