elcome to the leyhome of the Unicorn Faction. This leyhome has been created to give people information about the Unicorns as a faction, and about the lands of Mauritanja that the Unicorns inhabit. The information listed upon these pages has been compiled over many years and covers a wide variety of topics, and so we hope that you will find the information that you are seeking, whether it concerns our Ancestors, groups or individuals within our ranks, news on the faction, or just information about the day to day lives of members of the faction.

Meldir Cire of the Alashans

If you find information that is inaccurate, or you have any suggestions on how the leyhome can be improved, please send us a leysprite and I will attempt to correct this.

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This is the home of the Unicorns Faction from the Lorien Trust Gathering system. This is a live roleplaying group and for further details on Live Role-playing and the Lorien Trust please check out the Lorien Trust website.