Zareth at the march against Narduk, 1104
Zareth Moonshadow

Position within the Faction
Imperial Ambassador / Queen’s Champion

Magpy Korpse / M.P.D
"I’m not just Drow I’m Kender."

More information on Zareth:
Zareth was born due to the love affair of his mother Claris Alerteyes and an unknown Drow who escaped the underdark. Before Zareth was born, his father left leaving only a sword behind. To this day Zareth does not even know his fathers name, Claris refuses to speak about him even to Zareth.
Zareth grew up travelling with his mother and a band of Kender who raised him in their own manner, as he grew Zareth knew he was different from the other Kenderlings but kept his own council.
As he grew Zareth was taught by his mother the skills of the physician plus he was taught other more martial skills by the other Kender.
At his naming rite Zareth took the name Moonshadow an old taunt of his playmates.
At about the same time the band of Kender Zareth and his mother were with found themselves in Teutonia and under persecution from the local populous they were running for their lives until fortune smiled on them, by chance they encountered Fumbelina Twiddlefingers and Owlkohl-Hol two kender of the unicorns who along with a small group of unicorns had transported to Teutonia by accident.
Fumbelina and Owlkohl-Hol took the Kender under their protection and after the Unicorns and the refugees transported back to Mauritania the two petitioned Lady General Adelena for Land on Mauritania to set up a Kender village for themselves and the refugees and so Kenco on South isle was born.
Zareth then aided in the construction of Kenco and was taken under the wing of Fumbelina and Owlkohl-Hol. Owlkohl-Hol taught Zareth many weapon skills and Fumbelina’s daughter Lorel opened Zareth to his latent skill of incantation focused in faith to the kender ancestor of the Shiney one.
Zareth was happy in Kenco but fate would thrust him into the world after Owlkohl-Hol;s Death he was sent to Fumbelina as her bodyguard in the years that followed she captured his heart and they were married by Queen Adelena. Since Zareth arrived from Kenco he has learnt more about his Drow heritage and accepted it been taken over by the spirit of Owlkohl-Hol and has become something of a diplomat healer and warrior for the unicorn faction His greatest change was after the Death of Adelena the person who besides Fumbelina had encouraged and supported him the most he decided after consultation with the Shiney one and Owlkohl –Hol that he would become a follower of Adelena
Since that time he has been encouraged to take the title Queen’s Champion and is currently writing about the faith of Adelena in his spare time He is a proud Imperial Ambassador and member of the Magpy Korpse & M.P.D.

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