Wulfgang at the bar during the march against Narduk Nathnul

Position within the Faction
Prince's Guard

Pen Cethren

More information on Wolfgang:
"Wolfgang came to the Unicorn Faction at the Gathering in 1102 having been found dying on the road by Javean "Fox" Renard. He soon proved himself to the Imperial Family and very quickly became the Personal Bodyguard to the Prince Warhost Vadek Cain. Wolfgang is Fiercly loyal, and to those who earn his trust, he will risk life, limb, and completely ignore common sense in his efforts to keep them alive. He has recently been converted to believe in the power of the Storm having witnessed StormClaw become possessed by the storm and take on the evil ancestor Narduk Nathnul. His dislike of magic is well known, although he tries, with some degree of success, to hide his healing talents from people. For those who are on the right side of him, Wolfgang is a powerful ally, for those who are on his wrong side, he is their worst nightmare. He fears nothing, which can on occasion lead him to do some truly stupid things, but his heart is pure. He is very emotional, and his mood can swing very violently. When he is angry, he is lethal to anyone and anything that gets in his way. He is proud to call himself a Unicorn, and will always put his life on the line for the faction.

(As written by a friend of Wolfgang's)

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