Dredd at the march against Mephias
Voltan Dredd

Position within the Faction

The Defenders of Adelena
"I'm arresting you, the Vipers faction and it's armies, on the charge of inciting a riot. You will remian in camp while the situation is resolved.!"

More information:
I joined the faction in 1104 as a member of the M.P.D. I was promted to sergeant of the M.P.D. at the Gathering for arresting the Vipers faction.

At the winter Parliment of 1104 I was made Corporal by Field Marshall Whitman.

At the start of the March against Mephias 1105 I was made Colonel by Filed Marshall Whitman.

Also at the March I was honoured to be Knighted by Sir Grendel as a Knight of Ancalime.

At the end of the March against Mephias I was made acting General by Pricne Duvall.

Sir Dredd. Knight of Ancalime and Acting General.

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