Position within the Faction
Alpha of PackStorm

Pack Storm
"Acthooalee I fink you'll find dat der law is a concept more
dan jus' one person"

More information:
StormHunter first met the Unicorns as he acompanied StormClaw to the first moot of '04 as StormFist had fallen. he was broken when only half an hour later his alpha turned up dead, killed by Dark Reaver, as he defended Wolfgang. Prevented from charging off in a rage, that would have ultimately ended in suicide, by Vadek he has mastered "biding his time" StormStrike arrived later that night to take charge as Alpha and stayed on for the second moot where he was poisoned by a Unicorn and died alone. StormHunter very nearly went out of his mind when he found out, two Alphas in the space of one week! Before travelling to the Gathering '04 the Storm chose him as alpha and hit StormHunter lifting him off the ground in front of the Pack as he and StormEcho prepared to leave to meet the Unicorns, StormHunter remaind on StormIsle with the Pack in light of this development.

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