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More information on StormEcho
StormEcho is a female Shaman and spiritual advisor to Pack Storm. She is one of the three spiritual leaders of the Council, sent to Pack Storm to guide them in this time of confusion that currently grips the Unicorns. StormEcho is a wise and mature wolfen, and has seen such sights as her own cubs being drowned by the Kuo- toa, and the destruction of their once home in the under dark. She has seen the rise and ebb of relations with the likes of House Ebon'Dar, and heard tales of the destruction of her predecessor by the ApeKin.

StormEcho is proud, wise and strong, and she shows little mercy to the weak and foolish. Having lost her own cubs, her maternal nature is lavished on the pack - whom she will defend with tooth and claw.

As is the case for most female Wolfen, StormEcho bears red and brown colouration, rather than the typical white and black colouration seen in males. The females are less 'hairy' and on the surface appear slightly more humanoid. However, their hearts are pure wolfen.


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