Sona Bardo
Sona Bardo

Last Position held within the Faction
No position held.

The march against Narduk, Spring 1104
The Ghostwalkers
"I am a shadow, I was never here and you never saw me.....I am everyone, I am everywhere and I am no-where."

More information on Sona Bardo:
"My past is of no consequence and I don't want to talk about it.
During the Gathering 1102 i came to the Unicorns and made my mark as a bodyguard and applied to join the Ghostwalkers. Sadly during this Gathering, news came to me that an unknown group had slaughtered my family and destroyed the family business. i have spent a whole year trying to find out what happened to no avail except for the name 'The Black Hand'. The hardships during the year have brought to the fore many skills that i never knew i had which i now make good use of.
During the Gathering 1103, i was accepted into the folds of the Ghostwalkers and have been promoted to the rank of Sgt Pathfinder which i fill well."


Sona Bardo died a brave death, drawing the Ancestor Dark Reaver away from the Faction and those in need of healing with taunts. He did this on several occasions, and on the final occasion, was chased into the woods and hacked to pieces by Dark Reaver.

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