Simal at the Unicorn Parliament on Far Reach, 1103
Simal el'Dretsu - physician of Beast Isle

Position within the Faction
Imperial Liaison to the Healers Guild.

Primal Urge

More information on Simal:
Although Simal was born to catkin parents, she maintained a human form until she was 3 years old. Because of this, she is very shy and looks at various races much differently than most beastkin. She devoted herself early to the healing arts, partly out of curiosity about how she could have turned out so different than her parents and brothers and sisters, but also because she hated to see suffering in any form. Working at the hospital on Beast Isle gave her practice at healing and also introduced her to a foxkin named Eee el'Dretsu, who she first met when he came in gibbering. After treating him for shock, she was surprised to see him returning often, and slowly got to know him. She found her quiet life changed as she became friends with him, and when he proposed marriage, accepted readily.
In 1103, they attended the Gathering of Nations, together with a group of beastkin who had become friends with Simal, teaching her more about the ways of the Unicorns and all of Edreja. Upon return to Beast Isle following the Gathering, she and Eee were married. However, darkness fell soon after the wedding with the return of the beastkin's old enemy: the Dark Hunters. Both of Simal's parents were killed by the Dark Hunters, although she worked hard to save their lives along side incantors and healers from all over the island. Whether as a result of her grief or because of the changes her marriage has brought she is not sure, but she began to grow fur, and within a few days looked exactly like the rest of her family. Although she is happy that she is no longer different than the rest of the inhabitants of Beast Isle, she is far from the innocent healer of a short time before. She is as eager as ever to help, though, and every chance she gets, she and her husband will be of service to the Unicorns.

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