Sill at the muster against Narduk, 1104

Last Position held within the Faction
No Position Held

The Siege of Bedlam,
Winter, 1104
Primal Urge
"Hissy Hissy, Snakey Snakey, Licky Licky, Nipple Nipple... by the power I heal this wound."

More information on Sill:
Sill awoke on Beast Isle with no memory of his past, though was soon taken into the society of Beast Isle because of his natural charm. When Primal Urge began leaving the island and heading to the mainland of Mauritnaja, Sill followed, using both his skills as a warrior and his skills as a healer to aid the Unicorns.
Sill was a strange phenomenon when it came to his skills in channeling, as it would appear that the more he channeled from the plain of life, the more the salamander within him grew, until at one point, he lost control with balls of fire bursting from his body, nearly consuming the person he was trying to heal.
However, Sill's death was a heroic one, with him dying in an attempt to save others that were trapped in a transport circle at the start of the siege of Bedlam. His body was carried back to Beast Isle after the siege, where it was placed in the White Chapel. When the priests returned the following morning, the body was gone, leaving nothing but a scorched circle on the stone upon which he lay. It is believed that the salamander within him rose up and finally consumed him, moving his pattern to the ancestors.

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