Sab To Tyr at the gathering of nations 1105
Sab To Tyr

Position within the Faction
No Position Held

House Carrick

More information:
He is the haft or chief of the Dir Hadra Owil Cean Tir'dag - tribal thorn elves from the Everwood near Myddrin Vale. He first came to the presence of the Unicorns when he and a warband came seeking the "then" missing Yenach - who was visting the House Carrikk to broker a mutual treaty of friendship. After finding out that his champion was in safe hands, Sab To Tyr agreed to form a tribal irregular unit of skirmishers within house Carrikk and thus therefore within the Unicorn Faction. A quiet man - slow to anger but quick to bury the hatchet - in a foes head.

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