Lady Rowan
Princess Arcane, Rowan DuPont

Position within the Faction
The Prime Minister of Mauritanja / Princess Arcane

The Hall of Champions
"Yes - lets go and play with the Balrog, that would be a soothing idea right now."

More information on Rowan:
Adopted by the McYokel clan of Caledonia, Rowan attended her first Gathering of Nations in 1093. She rose quickly, soon becoming the Apprentice of Master Yellow and the Bears Ambassidor to the Harts.
A meeting with her true mother revealed to Rowan that she truly did not belong in the Caledonian Clan. A friction that occoured between Rowan and Queen Morrigan eventually resulted in Rowan's move to the Unicorns with the Kith Rae, and again, her skills soon had her promoted to the Ambassador to the Vipers, and then to become the Foreign Minister.

She married Ailwen Du Pont in 1101, and finally found her home. She says that she and Ailwen are now linked through love and magic, and it would seem that one cannot exist without the other.

Rowan left the Kith after a heated exchange between herself and Shulton. She joined the Hall of Champions and remained there until she was accepted into the Imperial family as the Princess Arcane.

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