Rhinyn Morridar

Position within the Faction
Sergeant, Mauritanjan Rangers

Pen Cethryn
"Kill me? Got to catch me first."

More information:
Born the first and only son of House Morridar, Rhinyn decided at a very early age he wanted to be a soldier. This pleased his father, who saw in his son a chance to experience that which his own failings had denied him in his youth. Given a sword at an early age, Rhinyn practiced constantly and made progress, but not sufficiently so to satisfy his father's obsession. Driven to enrol in a Blademaster's elite training group, he repeatedly tried and failed to make the grade, until the breakthrough came when at the suggestion of one of his colleagues he abandoned the sword in favour of a pair of knives.

Rhinyn returned home an accomplished warrior, expecting to finally please his father with the tangible results he had achieved. Instead, he found rejection - purely on the basis that his father had wanted him to learn the sword and not such "feminine weapons". The situation came to a head on the night the house was burgled when, in the act of saving his father's life with his daggers, Rhinyn managed to write himself out of the family will, denying him his legacy and nobility.

Now the son of a man who claims no son, Rhinyn has found a new home in the Pen Cethren forests, and a new family among the Unicorns. He remains bitter towards his father, and constantly seeking a way to reclaim what he believes to have been stolen from him by a fool who knew no better.

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