Outcast at the march against Narduk Nathneil, 1104
Outcast Blackstripe

Last Position held within the Faction

The Siege of Bedlam, Winter, 1104
Primal Urge
"El Dretsu, I'm going to kill you!"

More information on Outcast:
An incantor of R'Garl the Hunter a Noble of the Blackstripe Wulf Family of Beast Isle and the Alpha of Primal Urge, Outcast came to the Unicorns searching for his cousin Rebel and bringing Primal Urge as emissaries to the Unicorn Faction. Although his search was never triumphant, Outcast succeeded in making many friends and quickly rose through the ranks of the Unicorn Army.
It is believed that he was killed by a devious poison, delivered by one of Akasha DuPont's servants, and as such, never exacted the revenge on Bariman, the creature that killed Outcast's wife on their wedding day. Both creatures, both DuPont and Bariman will now be hunted down and killed by those close to Outcast, making sure that the wrongs done to Outcast do not go unavenged.


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