Molly at the march against Mephias, 1105
Molly Fairweather

Position within the Faction
Duchess of Adelena Isle

"Narduk evil?.... No my Nardi is just cute and cuddly and all warm and fuzzy inside!"

More information:
After a rather tempestuous courtship and pregnant with his children, Sea Captain Molly Fairweather married the Imperial High Incantor, Grendal Olafson in the spring of 1105, becoming Duchess Fairweather-Olafson of Adelena Isle.

She joined the Unicorns in 1102, but managed to keep her head down and not become involved until 1104, when she volunteered the services of her ship and crew in the fight against Narduk Nathnul.
Since that time she has been seen at all important Gatherings of the Unicorn Nation, adding to them her own touch of logic and chaos. Her plain speaking gathering her both loyal friends and powerful enemies as she goes.

Not much is known about her past before she joined the Unicorn Nation as the Captain of a trading vessel.
Though there is a link somewhere with Captain Paxo F Trueman of the Black Rose Ships company and it is obvious that she is a well educated woman, few know of her story.
Though, as she is becoming better known and is allowing her crew to come ‘out of hiding’ many are beginning to guess how at least part of it has been spent.

Whatever others think of Molly, she is loyal to her friends and adopted family and seeks to help and protect any who need it.
She will fight to the death for any Unicorn, whether they like her or not and in any way she can, no matter what the consequences are to herself.

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