Lauryn at the Unicorn Vistit to Siam, 1103
Lauryn Giltral - Faction Bard

Last Position held within the Faction
Faction Bard

An Eastern Adventure 1103
Pen Cethren
*sounds of tin whistles*

Lauryn Giltral
"The sounds of the little tin flute are heard no more.
The sounds of the songs that came before
A re gone forever from this world
F or out of it was Lauryn hurled.

This evil act out in the east
C ommitted by a savage beast
I is one I never will forgive
T hrough all the days that I shall live.

She was my friend, no, more than that
U upon the ground with my tribe she sat.
She told us tales of lands far away
And sang songs of how she was going to visit them one day

Now she is gone to a plane afar
A nd looks down on us like a shining star.
I for one will never forget her
F or she fights alongside me, and I fight all the better.

This lock of her hair, this piece of her cloak,
T he memories of her making merry with folk.
These will inspire me and she will help me to wield
My instruments of protection, my sword and my shield.

- Wolfgang of the Pen Cethren

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