Krin Camlan
Krin Camlan

Position within the Faction
No position held.

The Ghostwalkers
"You want me to do WHAT !"

More information on Krin:
Spent my childhood growing up on a small horse ranch of my uncle's on the plains of Far Reach breeding work horses for the nearby town of Tallarn.
During my early years most of the time consisted of labour intensive work such as mucking out the stables, feeding the herds and helping my uncle with the training of the few stallions we had on the ranch.
Given the background of the isle my family were not enlisted on Tallarn's records as owing any debt, therefore no unliving we're permitted to work on the busy ranch.
Upon reaching adulthood I decided that it would be a prosperous idea for my family to trade our stallions with the neighbouring lands of our isle. Therefore I selected a few horses and gained passage by ship to south isle. (Horses don't like transport circles, or ships for that matter)
Crime was pretty much unknown to me therefore when the time came that I was beaten and mugged of my cargo I was left for dead by the road side near Talcontar. Fortunately for me I was found and healed by a strange man in blue robes calling himself Grendal.
I was taken to a nearby clan to recover from my injuries and I was welcomed as a new member. As I owed my life to Grendal I enlisted as his bodyguard until such a time when my debt was repaid in full.
I am no longer Grendal’s Bodyguard although my debt is still unpaid, we remain friends and I am forever learning his ways of diplomacy. I have also risen to the Rank of Sgt At Arms within the Ghostwalkers and just recently been appointed Sheriff of Far Reach.


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