Keitro on Shipyard Isle, 1105
Keitro Takre'yd

Position within the Faction
No Position Held

The Pirata Venator

More information:
Born from the violent meeting of his father, a human pirate-raider and his mother, an elf from the east, Keitro Takre’yd has had a harsh life. Raised among elves, he learned weapons skills and magicks. But he could bnot contain his natural rage among the elves. The elves disdained him because of his origins and he sought revenge on the pirates who composed half his heritage. He left the home of his mother with little but a dagger and supplies on a quest to sooth his anger.

For years he wandered, gaining new skills and improving old. He fought for money, personal satisfaction and just to aid those who needed it. He fought particularly hard against the pirates and salvers he encountered - attempting to leave not one alive. In his wanderings, he met someone - a female drow who went by the name of Raven. They shared common goals and had little like for the traditional hatreds and so, wandered together to aid each other. In time, they became close and then betrothed - though like as not, their families would outcast them for it were it discovered.

But one fateful night, as they rested in a fishing village in the south of Estragales, slavers arrived. Keitro and Raven had been near the beach but were taken by surprise. Keitro was subdued and left but Raven was taken. When he awoke and remembered the terrible night before, he swore an oath that he would not rest until he found her. Since then he has been questing, searching for his Lady Raven and seeking revenge on the slavers that took her. He recently joined the Pirata Venator who he believes can aid him on his quest for Lady Raven and revenge.

Having attended two weddings and fought against undead alongside the Unicorns, Keitro was all too happy to be headed for a fight with pirates. It was refreshing to be fighting his own self-chosen enemies rather than those of others. They progressed through the island, heading for the monastery where Jonathan Tweet had holed up. They got there with few problems and then started looking for Jonathan’s apprentice.

When the PV found Jonathan’s apprentice, they found someone else as well. The fey had a drow guarding it. It was Raven. Raven, who Keitro had been searching for for nearly a year. After introducing her to some of the Pirata Venator, he started talking to her - asking what had happened to her and telling her about what he’d been doing.

They continued talking as they could amid the fighting, but when the subject of leaving the island was raised, Raven fell quiet. When asked what was wrong, she told him about their children. They had twins, held hostage by the pirates. If she left the island, they’d raise them as pirates and keep them from her forever. Keitro offeredto stay, to help Raven get the children back but she told him to stay with the Pirata Venator. That way, he could find her again and bring help to rescue the children. So, it was with a sad heart that Keitro left the island, continually looking back even after it had vanished from sight.

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