Kade in Que'tal, 1105
Kade Jo'len

Last Position held within the Faction
Bodyguard of Prince Duvall

The March Against Mephias, 1105
The Alashans of Erdreja

More information:
When Kade appeared on Erdreja, he had no memory of his former life. He served the Unicorns for a good six months, acting as the bodyguard to Prince Duvall before the march against Mephias. At the time of the March, the Tael Strand of Alasha chose him as its Avatar, imbuing him with its powers. It was shortly after this that Mephias exherted some form of will over Kade and took control of his body. Kade was killed by Unicorns for their own protection. While people attempted to lay his pattern to rest, it would appear that Mephias exherted some form of influence over the rite, sealing Kade's pattern within his body.

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