Hywel Raedmund at the Unicorn Parliament on Far Reach, 1103
Hywel Raedmund

Last Position held within the Faction
No position held.

The march against Narduk Nathnul, 1104
The Temple of Shadows
"Mash Mash Mash! Glee!"

More information on Hywel:
Hywel has been a member of the Temple of Shadows all his life, originally attenting his first Gathering in 1100 and his next in 102. He was originally a member of the order Inquisitori but quickly learned that battle was more his style and that no armour made that a very dangerous passtime. By the Gathering 1102 he had been travelling for over a year. Since Shadow Isle was no longer safe he had gone on a pilgrimage across the lands to learn and try to make a new philosophy in his life, it was during this time that he met a party on a road that had a captive fairy called Ethne, unable to see such a created in captivity he fought the captors with his magic and his twin swords. He now cares for Ethne since she does not seem to desire to leave him which he finds odd at times but thinks it best not to think too much about it. During the Gathering 1102 he joined the MPD and was proud to be part of the force that went to Shadow Isle and freed it of the Shadowkin and was delighted when the faction gave the Isle to the Temple of Shadows. Now a member of the order militas he has been working on the Isle rebuilding and repairing since then and attended the Winter Parliament 1103 where he met Master Cutter.

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