Ethne at the Unicorn Parliament on Far Reach, 1103

Position within the Faction
No Position Held

Temple of Shadows
"Here, drink some of this"

More information on Person:
A fairy who was kept captive by some nasty people and freed by Hywel Raedmund who happened to be traveling on the same road one day. She has decided to bond herself to this strange character who wears a lot of black and comes from a Shadowy Isley thingy what had lots of bad people on but what has not now. She is living there with him until she either gets bored or the Hywely man gets himself blowed up or something similar. She is a healer with no desire for combat unless the enemy is happy to stand still and get poked with short sharp things since she discarded her staff at the Gathering 1102 as it was getting her far too much attention on the battle field.

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