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Eric Swiftblade

Last Position held within the Faction
Bodyguard of Lady Adelana

Praetorian Guard

More information on Eric:
Begining his career as the bodyguard of the then Lady General Adelena and the commander of the Praetrorian Guard, the half elf Eric Swiftblade loyally served the Faction for 5 years. He followed Ancalime the White and was well known as a fearless Law Knight and a Master Armourer as well, valuing law and honour above all else. It is said that Swiftblade sought mortality, giving his reasons that though mortality, he would no longer have to watch more of those dear to him grow old and die.

Swiftblade gave his life to save others while on a mission for the Healer's Guild. He single handedly fought a plague daemon Lord known as Maladius, allowing the rest of the party to escape. He was soon cut down and killed, but had already bought his comrades enough time to get away.


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