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House Carrik

More information:
Once the brightest pupil of the darkmage Lister, dweller in the Darkspire tower on the edge of Myddrin Vale. Darken studied to be a warlocke - a mage dedicated to combining magical combat with the skills of the warrior. Yearly Lister commands his pupils to venture forth and compete i the greater world beyond North Isle - to see which of them is strongest as they are meant to slay eachother if they ever meet another pupil on this journeyman period. Having slain several of his brothers Darken has viewed this barbaric ritual as a waste of life, power and learning.

Darken has left the tutalage of Lister and taken srevice with house Carrikk seeing the nobilty therein and facility to continue his path of learning.

He has had his emotions and mind rocked by meeting with Raven the spiritual warrior of lcalime the White, although his path seems to be take him towards the Green avatar of this faith.

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