Brogric at the Gathering of Nations, 1104
Brogric Egraic

Last Position held within the Faction
Alchemists' Guild Liason

The march against Akasha, 1104
The Alashans of Erdreja
"Hello!" (Impersonating Meldir)

More information on Brogric:
I came from Alivious, and I left for my own reasons. I wandered by myself through the lands of Alasha before joining The Might of Velsor. This was purely for more of convience, and I only consider myself to be a loose member of the group. My alligiance is to me first and anyone or thing else second. This is all you need in order to know of me, nothing more, plenty less.

Brogric Egraic

Brogric's death was met when he became controlled by Akasha duPont at the siege of Bedlam. Brogric was forced to leave the Unicorn lines by the binding and was hacked to pieces by Akasha herself. His death will be avenged.

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