Breeze Silverwing

Position within the Faction
No Position Held

"I like feathers!"

More information:
Breeze Silverwing was found floating in a basket in the mists that surround Mauritanja, the only things within that basket, her, a blanket, and a mysterious note in Common that spoke of her having the "blood of the wind in her veins". Most believe her to be a part air-elemental, including herself. Since then, she has grown up happily under the care of her foster
parents, both merchant sailors who found her floating - becoming a follower of Ancalime the Green and a talented healer and scholar. Her silver-white skin and blue hair are occasionally worthy of remarks, but apart from cosmetic differences, she is similar to humans in all respects. She is a friend of Sir Dickson's due to her faith (and healing him when he's too slow) and they share a brother/sisterly type of relationship. Being shiny and usually wearing lots of silver jewellery, at her first gathering of Unicorns, she got unofficially adopted by several beastkin present. Whether this adoption becomes official or not lies in her somewhat tentative relationship with Maggie Paella, Priest of Gaia.

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