Azriel at the parlaiment on Far Reach, 1103

Position within the Faction
No Position Held

The Salandrian Court

More information on Azriel
I was born and brought up in Arcadia as I am a True Fae. Then about a year ago as you know it I somehow went into the future, but I have no idea how it happened. There there were people/Elves and they were under attack by Chaos. They called on a group called The Harlequins, which was a group full of Elder races. I decided to join the group and help them fight. A lot of them got turned into walking dead/unliving. After many months we started to win, but Chaos sent The Harlequins into the void, including me.
A couple of weeks later and I was here and I found a couple of Harlequins already here so I joined them again. I am now in the salandrin court and know my way round. I also have a half sister called Atarlia that I am currently searching for.


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