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"Being a High Incantor is very important, but don’t whatever you do call “UNLIVING WEDGE!!!”"

More information:
Aluinn’s heritage is that of half fey and half human, daughter to Rhowann of the Lions, her father is unknown

Following her mother’s death, she became the ward of her cousin, Ren (SeRENade) and Captain Paxo F. Trueman.

Aluinn spent her time between studying at the Libris, where “Aunty Ren” and her new family lived and visiting with Captain Paxo.
At the Gathering of Nations 1101, she was introduced to Captain Paxo’s friend Molly Fairweather and her crew. She was particularly intrigued with Molly’s body guard, Poss and wanting to know more she stowed away on Molly’s ship, which has given her another, though unofficial guardian.

(Although Molly won’t admit it, she enjoys having the ‘troublesome fey’ around. She see’s in her a wish to try everything and learn, which far compensates for her mischievousness and dogged determination to turn up everywhere that she shouldn’t.)

Life hasn’t been kind to Aluinn and she has seen more death than she should have.
Since her mother’s death, she has lost her tutors Quite and Tsalth, her foster Uncle, an adopted sister and many of her friends in both the Lions and Unicorns.
In 1104 alone, she has lost her Aunty Ren, her dear friend Poss and what would have been a new tutor Halavue.

Aluinn is now under the care and protection of Alyssa of the lyons, who has appointed a new tutor, Madam Aconite, who makes her do HOMEWORK while at the Gathering.
She has also been declared a citizen of Arrakech.

Aluinn is technically a Lyon, but with her connections with the Unicorns, she considers herself to be a member of both and tends to spend most of her time within the Unicorn Nation.

1105 has seen her reach her 10th birthday and with it has come an apprenticeship to the Imperial High Incantor of the Unicorns. She has already proven herself to be worthy of that position when she took the High Incantors Place for a weekend moot, when Duke Grendal was unable to attend.

A veteran now of several major Unicorn battles, many believe that Aluinn will go far within the faction.

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