The Festival of Bar'itok

Over the weekend, the first Erdrejan festival of Bar'itok was held in the area of New Port, North Isle. Apparently, the festival is one held by the dwarves of Alasha in order to comemmorate fallen heroes and celebrate their lives. Arranged on the behalf of Doyen Gworshkoff of the Alashans, the festival was enjoyed as a night of peace in such harsh time, and with the exception of some innital confusion of the festival's arrangements, the event passed without incident.

The Gray Sea Summit

During the Wolf and Viper parliament held on an island in the Gray Sea, it is alleged that two Unicorns by the names of Ceasare Medici Di Molinari and Toral Medici Di Molinari were murdered. In the following aftermath of diplomatic tension, Njall Thorvinson promised that the murderers would be found and punished.
Acting Interior Ministor Farras DeVell issued the following announcement commented that "The current situation with the Wolves is under investigation. There is at present no change in the status of interfactional relations."

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