Unicorn parliament to be held in Rockholme
1st March 1102 AF

  • On the 12th-14th April a Unicorn parliament will be held in Rockholme. The controversal city has been deemed a neutral land away from Mauritanja for peace talks with the Shadowkin and discussion with all those of the Unicorn nation. The parliament is to be held in the well protected citadel, deep underground beneath the town of Rockholme. The 2nd Unicorn Army's squads of Dueregar miners and builders have slaved for many months to prepare the citadel for all. The Queen, Princess Aracne and Prince Warhost cordially invite all to attend.
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Skathen army defeated at Rockholme
14th April 1102 AF
  • The Parliament in Rockholme came under heavy attack by Copper Spiral and Iron Fang Skathen forces. The Rockholme guard faced off against almost 3000 attacking Skathen both in the underground Citadel and near to the surface. This came during the Unicorn parliament being held there and those attending came under heavy assault. Though initially the Unicorns easily combatted the raids the weight of Skathen numbers wore down the defenders as they took on over 1500 Skathen in hand to hand combat. Eventually though the Skathen hordes were broken and their war leader killed after a crack team of Tengu and others pursued them deep into the tunnels beneath Rockholme.

Bears impose import taxes at Rockholme
15th May 1102 AF
  • The Bears warleader has informed his troops that taxes of 1 copper in each stell will be paid by all Unicorn traders leaving Rockholme for Bear lands. This 25% tax will be forcibly removed by troops near the Rockholme/Cymrja border. The Unicorn command has yet to comment on this new tax, but it is rumoured to be in protest at the Unicorn forces protecting Rockholme, so close to Bear lands.

Unicorn Fleets capture Vaecena from the Sea Hags
20th May 1102 AF
  • Confirmation has come through that the Unicorn fleets have recaptured Vaecena, the recently discovered island to the west of South Isle, from the Sea Hags. The Sea Hags had apparently landed a large army on the island since its appearance and were stripping valuable goods from the lake at its centre. The valiant Unicorn forces landed, aided by the Merfolk, landed and exterminated the Sea Hags in a titanic battle of men and magic. Full details have not yet come to light, but it is thought that the Navy took little damage, unlike the Sea Hags which were killed to a Hag.

Sea Hags seek ceasefire
2nd June 1102 AF
  • The Sea Hags have sought a ceasefire with the Unicorn people for 6 months to discuss peace. A delegation of Sea Hags arrived at the Heartland Games to talk to the Queen. They requested the ceasefire on the basis of finding a way to live together with the Unicorns and Merfolk in Mauritanja. So far no offical decision has been made by the Unicorn Crown on whether to take the Sea Hags up on this offer.

Bears raise taxes at Rockholme
15th May 1102 AF
  • The Bears warleader has informed his troops that the taxes on Unicorn trade wagons shall be raised to 3 copper in each stell. This will be paid by all Unicorn traders leaving Rockholme for Bear lands. This 75% tax will be forcibly removed by troops near the Rockholme/Cymrja border. This continuing dispute happens in the face of the Bears demanding that Rockholme be returned to them, as the Unicorns are abusing their position there.

The Queen is dead, long live the Empress!
23rd August 1102 AF
  • Friday night of the Gathering and the Unicorn camp lay quiet. Loyal members of the Unicorn faction were still arriving when the Shadowkin marched on the Unicorn gate. But they were but a distraction to Valdrazar and his herald making his entrance as he appeared, enshackled the Queen and then proceeded to steal her away to Shadow Isle. Only then was it discovered that the Shadowkin had taken over all the ritual circles in Mauritanja and were conducting a huge ritual to recreate the Shadow Realms.

    Queen Adelena was part of this as Valdrazar ripped out Vikaria's pattern that lay inside Adelena and sent her, now corrupted, form back. The Queen was now unliving and wanted to be laid to rest. She did not want to continue the way she was and the faction gathered together to correct her pattern and send her onto her ancestors.
    The Queen is Dead! LONG LIVE EMPRESS AKASHA!

Dark Trade has been defeaetd
23rd August 1102 AF
  • The huge ritual that the Shadowkin had completed was part of their downfall. Unbeknownst to all, but the Queen she was pregnant with a child by her latest husband Grimbold. The Half Dueregar child was also blessed by Fair Trade, as Grimbold had been possessed by the spirit of Fair trade at the time of their marriage. When the Shadowkin ritual tried to channel the power of dark trade through the pattern of Vikaria it was sent astray by the pattern of the fair trade child and the ritual went seriously wrong. The fair trade child's pattern, along with Vikaria's, caused the rift to the pits of Taxation to close and cut off all Dark trade power in Erdreja.

Shadowkin Destroyed, Valdrazar slain
24th August 1102 AF
  • The death of the Unicorn queen could not go unavenged. The Unicorns could now get to Shadow Isle, where the remaining Shadowkin forces had been left when their ritual went wrong. The Unicorn faction mustered and transported in to the smoking remains of the island. There Field Marhsall Grimbold and Prince Warhost Vadek Kain led the Unicorn forces in an attack on the remaints of the Shadowkin and swept them from the island.

    Later that evening Valdrazar and a few guards returned through the void, injured and weak from the ritual that went astray. The Unicorns happened to be at the ritual circle and he berated them for quite some time about the loss of their queen and the damage they had done to his people. But as he went to leave he found that his power had drained to the extent that he could not transport away. The Unicorns gathered there then moved against Valdrazar, Field Marshall Grimbold attacking him in one on one combat with the Hornblade. The Shadowkin guards slain, they took Valdrazar's head to display for all to see what happens to those that strike against the Unicorns.

Lady Rowan to become Princess Arcane
24th August 1102 AF
  • Since Empress Akasha's rise to the Monarch of Mauritanja, she has appointed the Lady Rowan to be her new Prime Minister and Princess Arcane. Prince Warhost Vadek Kain has taken over as 2IC of the faction, with Lady Rowan now 3IC.

The Kobold Masters have been Eliminated
25th August 1102 AF
  • Field Marshall Grimbold, still not tired from his hand in the defeat of Dark Trade, his destruction of the Shadowkin and the slaying of Valdrazar found a way to destroy his personal enemy, the Kobold Masters. These creatures had controlled him and used him as a gladiator for many years before he came to the Unicorn faction. But now it was his time for revenge, he led a valiant force of men against the Kobold's arena, deep in the Alzheimer mountains. They slew all in their way and destroyed the Kobold's and their guards and shut down the slave arena forever!

Rockholme Invaded by Dragons
3rd September 1102 AF
  • Rockholme has been Invaded by Dragon armies. The Unicorn armies within Rockholme, shrunk to a militia due to a request by the Bears faction, have withdrawn within the Dwarven Citadel and locked the doors firmly. The Harts have an army stationed on the borders of Rockholme and two Dragon Armies sit in the windy town and claim they have retaken it, but it is still to be seen once the winter snows set in.

Bears send armies to Rockholme
20th October 1102 AF
  • Three Bears armies now march on Rockholme, as the Bears throw in their side of the fight. However, they march to assist the Unicorns against the Dragons and Harts. Now deciding that they would prefer the Unicorns to hold the land as neutral than the Dragons gain it, they have thrown in their lot against the Dragon invaders.

Unicorn Parliament on Vaecena
10th November 1102 AF

  • The Unicorn Parliament on Vaecena drew to a successful closure. The rift at the centre of the island sealed and the Cu-Hurigan and Republican forces repulsed. The Parliament also decided the new rank structure that stands supporting Empress Akasha as ruler of Mauritanja. Together the Unicorns have gathered beneath her, as they laid Queen Adelena to rest and interred her memory for all eternity to come. Now Vaecena has thrown off the shackles of its past, it is to be reborn as Adelena's Isle, and to be a resting place for all those Unicorns who have fallen for the Unicorn cause.

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