Underwater Turmoil 4th February 1101 AF

The Seahags or Hyrdracuse have been harassing Unicorn shipping since their defeat at the Autumn Accounting two years ago, This culminated in an attack upon the Unicorn SHipards that were busy building the new Lions fleets. Many ships were lost and so prodution was behind schedule.

The Merfolk of Aquatanja (the seas in and around Maurtianja) assisted with the policing of our waters in payment for the faction's acceptance and help with the Merfolk that had been struck with a mysterious illness. The illness was discovered to be directly related to the underwater ritual circle in the Solent. Any creature going near the circle lost the ability to breath underwater permanently. The not so aquatic Merfolk now needed somewhere to reside and many took refuge with Merquis, the faction Chamberlain, on the Isle of Gavelle. Other sea creatures were also being effected and slowly a menagerie of unusual sea creatures were residing upon Gavelle waiting for a cure to their situation.

Attack on Rockholme February 10th 1101 AF
As if the loss of the Isles was not enough, more grief to the Unicorn Nation was being dished out in Rockholme. An attack of ferocious aggresion left 48 Rockholme citizens dead and a few others injured. A full report on this atrocity, (that is being blamed on the Harts faction in alliance with the Skathen) is available in the Rockholme Gazette along with descriptions of the Murderers.

Ritual Circles and Magic 17th February 1101 AF
At midnight between the 17th and 18th of February all the known ritual circles in Mauritanja were filled with large volumes of sea water. Other areas around Mauritanja were also deluged by this unusual phenomenon. The Mauritanjan Mage's Guild representatives, whilst assisting with the clearing of the Circles, also reported an unusual magical aura around the whole area they were working in. It wass discovered this aura ewas extended to the whole of the Maurtianjan archipelago.

Fluctuating Ritual Circles made ritual travel difficult with adverse reaction effecting one in three users. By the Sunday before the Emergency Parliament that had been called due to the other disasters that will be reported on in this revue, rumours of ethereal beings wandering the lands were becoming more frequent. It was soon to be found that these beings closely resembled the Shadowkin. The magic aura around the Isles became more defined and mixed with this aura. A taint of Dark Trade that was present until most recently where its disappearance coincided with a complete deactivation of all Mauritanjan ritual circles for almost a week.

Sinking of the Isles Monday 19th February 1101 AF
The ritual circle washout coincided with the flight of a comet through the eastern Mauritanjan sky. It was subsequently discovered that this comet was in fact the Lions Faction returning from the void on Holy Isles, and had been seen travelling through the whole of Erdreja.

The following investigation revealed that 13 Mauritanjan Isles had sunk below the water. The Islands that were lost were:-

    • The three most western Shadow Isles
    • Thorn Island
    • Kitaru Isle
    • The Three Rainbow Isles
    • Three of the southern most Forest Isles
    • Lesser Brest Isle
    • Boreth Isle
This required the whole of the Mauritanjan fleet and others in a mass rescue effort. An emergency muster was called, and with the preparations on Gavelle nearly complete it weas decided that this would be the venue for the Parliament. During the rescue effort it was discovered that the Defences of the Isles, the Mists, were not there. Queen Adelena activated them once again but found that they did not maintain themselves as they had done in the past. To maintain the defences she had to perfrom the activation continuously.

From then until the Parliament there were reports that large areas of Mauritanjan coastline had been flooded or destroyed, Illyria was shrouded in a fog of steam and to make things worse, on Friday 2nd March, a large sea swell was reported to be heading our way from the east. Finally a large herd of Pegasi were seen flying North across the Solent whilst Giant Crows were seen heading South West.

Militia arrive on North Isle, 11th October 1101 AF
The Vipers and Skathen continue to hold the coast of North Isle against the Unicorn armies. Recent incidents include a large Militia Guild force arriving over the weekend and setting up camp between the warring factions. The Militia has yet to make statement other than to inform the two nations not to attack one another.

Montone Dies, 21st October 1101 AF
During the Carnival of Horror, brave Unicorn action resulted in the death of Monotone. Managing to locate the 7 boar tusks that formed the lid to the Blood pit, the Unicorn forces faced down Monontone's orc hordes and War-leader Vadek Cain managed to push Monotone into his own pit and sealed the lid behind him. Meanwhile the Unicorn armies had retaken the island from Monotone's orc and goblin hordes, but at horrific loss to their own troops, some 800 men dying in the conflict.

Manthar to marry, 21st October 1101 AF
Prince Manthar has decided that he shall marry the Lady Gryphon and join their faction as her husband. Stepping aside he put forward Warlord Vadek Cain of the Ghostwalkers to take over from him, which was rapidly ratified by Queen Adelena, Princess Akasha and the rest of the faction.
Blood Seas disipate, 23rd October 1101 AF
With the Death of Monotone the blood seas that surrounded Boar Isle have disipated. Shipping through the area can continue as normal.

The combined Viper/Dragon Navy was fought off by the might of the Unicorn/Gryphon/Calebii alliance. The Viper fleet was left in tatters and the Dragon ships escorted bearing the remenants of the Viper Legion army that had sat on North Isle until recently. The commanders of the Unicorn and Gryphon navies are trying to track down and capture the battle barge Fenn and sink the last of the Viper fleets.

Shortly after the Militia decided that the land was rightfully the Unicorns, the might of the Unicorn army marched on the Skathen and Viper stockade on North Isle. The Skathen buckled under the attack and the catapult fire from the Unicorn lines. The Unicorns then proceeded to bombard the stockade and then retook it, forcing the Vipers to retreat along Skathen tunnels out to the shore. There the Dragon fleet was allowed to remove what remained of the Viper forces and flee from the area while the Unicorns continued to mop the remaining Skathen.

The Unicorn and Gryphon navies, so recently victorious in the seas of Mauritanja, pursued the remenants of the Viper fleets into the Spine of Tebron. After weeks of chasing down the vile Viper scum, the Unicorn and Gryphon fleets eventually caught up with the Viper fleets that were being assisted by the Aeyptian Fleets just off of Muarabia. The Aegyptian fleet gave up the Viper fleet after the Lion fleets cut them off from port. The Vipers charged the Gryphon fleet, setting the Battle Barge alight and crashing the last of their fleet into the Gryphon/Unicorn line. The brief fighting that emerged was soon quashed by the large Unicorn/Gryphon fleets and the burning wreck of the Battle Barge crashed into the coast of Muarabia. The remaining fleets returned home victorious.


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