The March against Mephias
The Heartland Games

Moot 1

Moot 2

The Gathering of Nations

The Winter Parliment

1105 began with a glimpse of hope for the Faction that was soon crushed. The Unicorns discovered a manner in which they could find and face Mephias, taking the battle to him. The ritual that was performed to achieve this act did not succeed, resulting in Mauritanja slowly combining with the Alashan plane of Darkness, Tael-eb-Amoth. Mephias was defeated, and it would appear that his armies were also crushed, yet it would appear that he had managed to destroy the Alashan homeworld in his dying moments.

The Heartland Games passed almost without incident, with the Unicorn teams coming 4th, 6th and 8th


Unicorn Casualties in 1105:

Kade Jo'len
Sharle Black

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