Hosted by - Wolves and Vipers
Location - Isle in the middle of the Gray sea
Groups Attending
Toral Gielli di Molinari
Cesare Medici di Molinari


Below is the statement of Toral Gielli di Molinari`s mistress Orin (the only Unicorn to survive the Grey Seas Summit) -
Toral, Cesare and I attended the Gray Wolf Summit. Toral and Cesare left the main hall saying they had been asked to go for a chat with the Sheriff of the Wolf faction. I saw they left the building with Hoki.
I walked around and did not feel comfortable with the situation as no-one was talking to me so I went to find Drew.
She said she had not seen Toral all night but that she would keep an eye out for him. After a while I started to get worried and went looking for them. I started to get a very bad feeling about the situation knowing that if something had happened it was past the time for me to be able to do anything to help. I decided to leave the area and get somewhere safer.
I was anxious to know what had happened but was in no state to do anything last night and Drew said she would come to tell me what had hapened, being a very good friend of mine.
I have now been told that last night she was talking to a contact in the Wolf faction, speaking about Cesare, who she was told had been murdered earlier in the night. They said it had been witnessed by Little Sis, the Militia guild champion and the perpetrators were the Odinsheim guard. When they asked to take this to the high sheriff it was indicated that he was involved.
When they asked Klaus for justice they were told to leave it.
This is a true account as best I am aware.




As written by Orin, Mistress to Toral

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