Hosted by - Bears
Location - Inver Keithing,, South East Caledonia
Factions Attending



  • By Bear Law, a licence is needed to use bows on Bear Lands. Licenses were available, free of charge, from the Archers Guild.
  • Dia McTaff - Taff, a major problem for the Bears. He is a lich and wants Caledonia back.
  • At the 1st Moot, there were people going around the Factions posing as Unicorns. They were handing out letters that, when opened, poisoned the opener. This week, people were posing as Dragons.
  • Bids for ritual slots - Anyone wishing to do a ritual was told to write down the details about the ritual, along with a bid. The bid didn't have to be money.
  • Anyone having a dream containing one of more of these items (a Tower, Seven, or Tentacles) were asked to go down to the healers guild and give them the details.
  • Lord Tallarn was concerned on Saturday, as that morning, two of his men were taken by two True Unicorns from the Unicorn camp and transported out. Hopkins, a Barrow Wight, was destroyed and Smith, a Lord Specter, was being controlled by the Unicorns.

Princess Thiadain's brother arrived on Friday. He brought sad news that their Father was dead, and that Son Lista had been over-run by Tainted.
Ailwen disappeared during a ritual. He left willingly with his Ancestor, Sarl. He severed his link with Rowan, leaving her very upset and very angry. She wanted to kill Sarl and wanted to vent her anger. She went with Torment to the plain of the dead, stopping anyone going with her with paralyze and repel. The fact she only used these is a good sign. It meant that she still had control.

On Saturday afternoon, the Unicorns all went into battle with two aims; get the Hornblade back, and to kill the Trakalites. Both of these were accomplished.
A ceremony was held to remember all of those that have died. Grendal read from the book of the dead, giving everyone a chance to remember their fallen friends and comrades.
Empress Akasha's wedding to Urlin was postponed on Friday, because of rain. This took place on Saturday. The ceremony was performed by Grendal.
On friday night and saturday morning, we had visits from True Unicorns. Something one of them said on Saturday morning, along with the taking of Lord Tallarn's men worries Akasha, as did the information that Cadras Cornus has a brother, but he cannot name him. A search for the name was started. Then, on saturday afternoon, there was a visit from two more True Unicorns. They were concerned when the other visits were mentioned, including the visits we had at the Gathering the previous you, as they claimed that they hadn't been to see us for a long time. They told us of other Unicorns that were corrupted. These were referred to as 'their Dark Brothers.' These follow a Dark Ancestor, Dark Horse, the Brother of Cadras Cornus.
The corruption happened after Cadrus Cornus and the Dark Horse tried to return fallen Unicorns from the dead. This failed, and Cadras Cornus decided that it should be abandoned. Dark Horse refused to stop, and with other, continued the project which led to their corruption. Cadras Cornus and his followers attempted to stop this by confronting the Dark Horse and the others. After a series of bloody battles, Cadras Cornus and his followers performed a ritual to put the Dark Horse and the others to sleep. This was 500years ago. They were to be awoken when a cure was found for the corruption. The Helm of Good kept the effect of the ritual going, but as the Helm of Good has been with the Unicorn Faction for almost two ears, Dark Horse and his followers have been free for at least that length of time. They will be after the Horn Blade and the Helm of Good, so this must be protected. It is possible to tell the other True Unicorns, because they are unable to channel into the Plain of Life. If they return, they are not to be killed, they are to be rendered unconscious and bound. Cadras Cornus will send a True Unicorn to collect them. They are not to be allowed to take anything from the camp.
On Saturday Evening, a number of Unicorns were acting strangely. It turned out that this was the test from Cadras Cornus that Rowan had dreamed about during the First Moot. The Fact that this was a test was revealed to Yoshie ali Boar that night, when he was visited first by Cadras Cornus, then by Boar Man, the Ancestor of the Rainbow Boar.

Void Entity - The Wychwoods and the Farsailors mainly went into confirming the information found out last weekend. The new information is

  1. The Wychwoods and the Farsailors are not families but groups.
  2. The Wychwoods and the Farsailors are from a place called The Dreaming. The Wychwoods left there four hundred years ago.
  3. The reason that the Wychwoods and the Farsailors don't strike one another is because if they do, they will be struck down by something called the fury. Both the Wychwoods and the Farsailors are trying to get mortals to act on their behalf. This was the reason behind the poems found last weekend, and the dreams that people have been having this weekend.
  4. The Void Entity appeared in the Void near Albion after the Wychwoods confronted an Avatar of the Void Entity, and the Void Entity was ejected from The Dreaming.

One of the Masters of the Mages Guild said "It would be best to support the Wychwoods, as even though they are not necessarily trustworthy, they seem to be the best chance to get rid of the Void Entity, even if they say it may come back down the road. Better to support the Wychwoods over the Farsailors, who support the possible destruction of Erdreja."

Conclave - The Conclave are an Elder Race, using the Circle of Herdth. This means Ice Palace. They are trying to control all the ritual circles by tainting them. This will bind them together. 498 years ago, they managed to do this, and it cause 16 weeks of drought, which caused a famine a hundreds died of starvation. The Conclave were beaten, but it is not known how, and they were thought to be dead. However, they have actually strengthened in force.
They are disrupting rituals by walking through the ritual seal and attacking the ritualist inside. It has been suggested that
every ritual should have guards, both inside and outside the ritual circle. The members of the Conclave can be recognized by their red and black garments.

Dia McTaff - Taff, along with all his unliving minions, was killed in a great battle on the sunday afternoon. He appeared at about 2PM, but the Factions were waiting for him, and joined together for a great win.



As written by Faction Scribe Carella

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