Hosted by - Unicorns
Location - Far Reach, Mauritanja
Groups Attending

The Hall of Champions
The Alashans
The Temple of Shadows
Primal Urge
The Watchers of Mauritanja

The Children of Wolfsmoon
The Church of Mokel
The Ghostwalkers
Tribe of the Rainbow Boar
The Silver Elves
Also several members of the Tarantulas and Gryphons
Princess Thiadain
Korgul Slainehand
Ragnar Thorvinson


Friday, 10th
The first muster of the weekend started with the welcoming speech. The people involved in Yarwyn's death were called forward, they were fined 150 gold between them and given the group title of 'The Forsaken.'
We were asked to think about how we felt on the subject of Far Reach, as it had to be settled. We were also warned about the threat from the Tainted, bigger than previously believed, and made worse by the two full moons that we were to have. We were asked to keep an eye on Princess Thiadain and her cousin Duchess Diontessa, as they were at particular risk. All that remained was to tell us to enjoy ourselves.
Over the course of the evening, there were a large number of attacks, with only small breaks between them to start off with, with the gaps getting longer as the night drew on. The attacks were by both Feral and Elder Tainted.

Saturday, 11th
The morning started with a muster led by Duvall. We were admonished because of the fighting the previous evening, and told that the fighting was a joke. The fighters ignored everything that they had been told to do, and many running off on their own. Thankfully but surprisingly, there were no fatalities. We were told to do everything the military says, and that to anyone going off on their own - goodbye. Anyone wishing to go somewhere was told to talk to the military so that they could arrange a bodyguard.
We were informed that Whitman was in charge during the day, and Duvall at night. Ragnar was promoted to Sergeant and given the task of training the Unicorns how to fight. After more comments on the previous evening's fighting, the subject of Far Reach was brought up, but after a heated discussion, the subject was left until the vote was taken.
Fighting soon started and the Field hospital was once again busy. This was to be so for the rest of the day.
In the early afternoon, a group of people vanished in the middle of conversations. This caused extreme worry with, with all sorts of ideas being put to why those particular people were taken. In the end, it was agreed that it was just random. They eventually turned up unharmed, having been transported to another place and were made to solve a puzzle, freeing a man before they could come back.
During their absence, a person attacked. Nothing hurt it until Josephine attacked it. It then went down. When she saw the body, Akasha recoiled and said that it was Malaki, which seemed impossible after the events at Blood Isle, two years ago, After the initial shock, thoughts turned to the blood pit, and a group was sent back to check. When they arrived, the ritual circle was knee deep in fresh blood. The seal on the pit was checked, and found not to have been damaged in any way, and it had definitely not been opened. There were no signs of anything unusual outside the ritual circle, and there were no tracks leading to or from it. The only thing out of place was the blood. One of the team took a sample of the blood before going back to Far Reach. Two of the Rainbow Boar that were in the party stayed to get the ritual circle cleaned up. They also got other members of the Boar to guard the place. The ones that returned decided to clean up before taking the information to Akasha. Akasha was told about the situation and the sample of blood was given to Tapper to be tested. He found it not to be of this world.
After the result from the blood test, the situation was re-examined. The fact that the colours hadn't been drained from the Rainbow and the Tribe still had their colours meant that Monotone was not free. This meant that Malaki had never been in the blood pit. This leaves two questions; where had Malaki been and who was thrown into the Blood Pit?
During the day, there were numerous attacks by both the Tainted and unliving. Unfortunately, some were killed during these attacks.
Far Reach - The Conflict
Ever since we first heard of Far Reach three years ago, there has been much debate about what we should do, to leave them alone and let them get on with their way of life, to get rid of all unliving and train the people how to farm and do other jobs for themselves, or something in between. Fitting it should be finalized while there. The vote was mentioned on Friday when we were asked to think about it and talk about it. It was mentioned again on the Saturday morning, and we were asked on Saturday afternoon to vote on it. People were not ready, so one person of each belief was asked to give the reasons for them in front of the other Unicorns before the vote took place in the evening.
The actions of Lady Tallarn changed all of that when she threatened first Akasha, then all of the Unicorns. Any support for the Island was lost then. She came back and apologized later, but the damage had already been done. There then followed a battle , at the end, it was declared that both the Lord and Lady Tallarn were dead. This led to the stronger of the Unliving on the island taking control of the weaker ones. The people of the island are likely to have a hard time this winter, with no-one to cut wood for their fires and not knowing how to get their own food.

Sunday, 26th
At the muster at the start of the day, a number of issues were brought up, and positions given out. The group that had been given the name 'The Forsaken' were asked to step forward and were told that they were not traitors and they were not at any time thought to be traitors.
Denny hold the position of Battle Mage. This means that in time of event of Military Action, he had the same authority as a General. Farras, formally the ambassador of Far Reach, was given the position of Foreign Minister. A number of other positions were also given out. Vadek announced that next year, he will be marrying Shiva and Bonding with Theya.
The fallen from Saturday were remembered and anyone that had lost a friend of loved one was offered help by Grendal.
We were then given the information that the marines that had come to help us were trapped on the beach and a group went to help them. Not long after that, the fighting started. The hospital was still set up from the night before, and those that got brought in were healed as much as needed, but if a bandage could be used instead of using healing magic, then it was. The problem was getting the wounded inside, but everyone worked hard healing as the warriors did fighting. During the battle, Akasha teleported out, taking someone with her. The battle was going badly for us, the order to retreat to the ritual circle came and as the way was cleared by the warriors, those unable to walk were carried and the healers continued healing. More were lost on the way as the monstrosities followed us. When we got to the ritual circle, it was discovered that it was not working, and so we retreated to the beach. A group went back to try to rescue any injured that had been left on the way.
They rescued those that they could. Those with healing healed,on the beach. All those that could kept going between the ritual circle and the beach to help carry the wounded to safety. Cadrus Cornus helped us in the battle, though he was very week.
We were picked up by one of the boats, and after a minute's silence for the fallen, we vowed to avenge them. Shiva and They were given the unenviable task of collecting the names of the fallen. We were congratulated on our fighting. It was now time to try and rest as we were taken to a place of safety from where we could transport home.



As written by Faction Scribe Carrella

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