Hosted by - Harts of Albion
Location - Unknown
Factions Attending

Friday 28th of June
The day started off quietly, with the Unicorns and their hosts intermingling. There were numerous unliving attacks in the market place during the afternoon and the early evening. As it got later, there were a number of attacks on the Lions camp. The last one by the Dark Alliance. One Lion got killed in that attack and four of the attackers were slain.

Saturday 29th of June
11.00 am
The Harts gave their welcoming speech.
2.00 pm
The Hornblade vanishes in an attack by a Dark Trade Demon.
2.15 pm
Warning of a joint attack on the Lions by the Vipers, Tarantulas and Bears. All that could rushed back to the camp to help.
2.30 pm
The Hornblade turned up in bizarre conditions. Someone went to get some sweets and received the Hornblade with them.
3.00 pm
Renell of the M.P.D., Chief of Police of Rockholme killed while on a diplomatic visit to the Tarantulas. His body was dragged back to camp. Elric Blade Dancer of the Harlequins killed on a visit to the Tarantulas camp with Light Reaver. His body was burnt by the Tarantulas. Kinch Ahaw, High Incantor, also of the Harlequins was killed on a visit to the Tarantulas with Light Reaver. He was sent back as a Zombie.
3.50 pm
The Lions attacked in the market place. The Unicorns rushed to help. There were various meetings with the Militia trying to get justice for those killed. Statements were taken from all witnesses, but there was nothing happening. Vert, previously a firm believer in the Militia, was very unhappy that they had not arrested anyone.
The Unicorns, Lions and Gryphons went down to the ritual circle in an attempt to stop the Dark Alliance performing a ritual. They attempted to blockage the ritual circle, failed, and troops withdrew to what seemed like a safe distance. Some went back to their camp, but most stayed. There was an attack on the remaining troops and a number were lost.
Just after the return to camp, the Bears besieged the gates, claiming one of the returning party had killed one of their clansmen. A number rushed out to fight the Bears, but were soon ordered back in. A third member of the Harlequins, Ashen Blade Dancer was killed as he ran headlong into a group of Bears. After a while, the Bears got bored and wandered off.
8.45 pm
What was believed to be a Chaos Demon managed to get into the gates and caused some difficulties. They gate guard managed to force it out of the gates and close it. As soon as the gates closed, it said "In the name of Chaos, I teleport" and vanished. A number of the gate guard ran around the camp looking for it, but nothing was seen.
11.00 pm
The Wild Hunt appeared. This time, people were more prepared and made sure they stayed still. The visit was fairly peaceful.
12.15 pm
The news that the Mordred Device had been reformed reached Camp. The Unicorns all left as soon as possible.


As written by Faction Scribe Carrella

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