Hosted by - Wolves / Bears
Location - Vetrheim, Norsca
Factions Attending
Lord Rhino


Friday, 24th
At the first Muster, it was confirmed that we were at war with the Vipers, but we were told to be careful as we had been placed next to them. The problem on Mauritanja with the Vipers and the Skathen still rages. We have also got the Aeguptians guesting with us, they had been given part of the camp to set up in with their own gates for their privacy. We were again warned not to go around by ourselves as there are many people wishing to get rid of Unicorns, and it was later disclosed that our close allies, the Gryphons, were also under attack by the Vipers.
During the afternoon, the camp was infiltrated by a goblin hag, The hag was accidently freed by a group of children at the second moot, and the hag wanted to get rid of all children because she believed that only children had the imagination to imprison her again. The children started the hard work to do just that, with all of the children from the different Factions working together.
At about 6:15 pm, the Vipers attacked our camp. A group of Tarantulas vistining our Faction at the time aided us with the fight. At about 9pm, the Gryphons attacked the Vipers and the Unicorns went to the aid of the Gryphons.
The evening Muster started straight after the fight. During the muster, Grendel recieved an appology for his arrest earlier in the day.
Nadrac said that he was worried about the Dark Trade taint on the land. He also asked Guild members to ask at the Guilds about any strange incidents. He already lmew that both the Mages and the Armourers Guild were having problems and needed as much information as possible.
The Shadowkin were also discussed. They have taken over Shadow Isle, the occupation being led by Valdrazar. Vadrazar actually came into the camp in the afternoon, asking to see Queen Adelena, claiming that he wanted peace. He left without seeing the Queen.
After the muster, Shiva and Vadek got married in the Ghostwalker tent.

Saturday, 25th
The M.P.D. (Mauritanjan Ploice Department) were touring the camp to discuss Neighbourhood watch. The M.P.D. also asked if the two doctors that reported an assult at the Faction Moot were there, and if they could please contact a member of the M.P.D. They applied for any witnesses to the alleged murder of Taylon of the Vipers to report to the M.P.D. with any information.
It was also revealed that it was now possible to remove Dark Trade Taint safely.
Near the end of the Muster, Grendal got Mage Bolted and refused to be healed. He was seen heading for the camp exit. Vadek went after him and managed to stop him leaving, before attempting to heal him. Vadek realised that there was something wrong with Grendal and used the power of the Ghostwalkers to destroy the possessed soul of Grendal, allowing the real Grendal out again.
The Ranced Tusks, an orc group from the Vipers, came into the camp with the Militia and the MPD, accusing The Tengu of the murder of Taylon of the Vipers. The Tengu venomously denied this, and Grendel agreed to a trial at 12 noon on sunday if enough evidence and a body were brought. The names of the two witnesses were given as Blink of the Lions and Felix of the Rancid Tusks. About an hour and a half later, they returned with a severed arm, a leg and a face, claiming that they belonged to Taylon. They were told to bring them to the trial and were warned to be there on time, or the trial would be cancelled.
In the late afternoon, there was an arcane meeting run by Ailwen. The meeting discussed two subjects, the main one being Far Reach. Ailwen and Rowan spent three weeks there as guests of Lord Tallarn and they had much information to share about the life on Far Reach. They were also able to clear up many questions that the Factions had. Manthar then revealed that he had spent threee months there among the people and had in fact been there while Ailwen and Rowan were there. He then spoke of his experiences. The general opinino was to leave the island alone, to let them get on with their life in peace, although a few wished to visit Far Reach for themselves.
There was also a discussion about some vistors we had had. They wanted us to stop using magic, claiming that it was damaging their homeland. They said that they had been to the Mages Guild, but the Guild would not liase with them. We were told that if we did not stop using magic, they would teach us a diffeent sort of magic. We were also told to persuade the other Factions and the Mages Guild to stop using magic. At the meeting, it was decided that it would be best to remain nuteral on the subject..
During the day, a group of ghosts were repeatedly seen reenacting their last battle. They were completely harmless if left alone, but if anyone showed any agreesion towards them, they would become violent towards the aggressor.
There was a massed attack in the evening. The first wave was led by Monotone. The battle raged for a long time, as we were attacked by first the Vipers, then the Dragons and then the Bears. The Unicorn Forces repeatedly drove back the attacks until the oppenants gave up.
Lord Rhino came back from Avalon on Saturday. He had been gone for nine months, but where he had been, there was a time difference, and he had been away fighting for nine years. He seemed very distraught. A message went out to all factions, asking them to attend an urgent meeting in the Unicorn camp. At the meeting, Lord Rhino asked all the Factions to put aside their difference and fight alongside each other to destroy the Progenitor and tge Nosta Kar. A small party of Nosta Kar, led by the Progenitor were going to invade Aegyptus the following day, and if they were not stopped, all of Erdreja was doomed. A meeting to discuss tactics was arranged for the next morning.
At 10pm, the bonding of Shiva and Master Sly took place. This was attended by Master Sly's family and all of the Ghostwalkers.

Sunday, 26th
Most of the morning was taken up by meetings about the Progentior and the forthcoming battle. At 11:00 am, Military from all Factions came to the Unicorn camp to discuss a battle plan, and at 11:30, a meeting was held at the Mages Guild. At 12:00, a muster was held to discuss the forthcoming battle, with everyone asked to attend. At the battle, each faction was to take a death mat to kill the Nosta Kar, and a warning was issued to be careful, as when the Progenitor was killed, the alliences would end, and the Vipers may attempt to use their death mat on us.
We were given the unfortunate news that Rowan, our High Ambassador had been replaced with the Demon of Fraud and Deception. The discovery was made the night before, when the Privy Council were tested for Dark Trade. When it was discovered, the Demon disappeard. The Bloodwyn was later abducted by this false Rowan. It became of vital importance to find the real Rowan and to find the demon and destroy it.
At 12:20, the Rancid Tusks arrived for the Trial. They were turned array for being too late. They were very angry about this and said that they would return later with their own judge.
The battle was a success. Unfortunatly, Lord Rhino was killed by the Progenitor with the Word of Death. This distracted the Progenator enough for the Mages to cast their spell. This in turn allowed the attack with Artifact Weapons to go ahead and destroy the Progenitor. The warning about the alliance stoping proved accurate when the Vipers turned on the Unicorns.
Rowan was returned to the camp at approx 3:30 pm, after a long search. She had been taken prisoner at Far Reach. The Bears Ambassidor came shortly after and informed us that the Bloodwyn was also back.
The competition for the Faction Champion was held in the afternoon, and the winner was Lord Kitaru, head of the Tengu. This was followed by a muster in which everyone involved with the translation of the Ice Temple was thanked for their hard work, and The Will of Babd Catha were asked to look after the axe of Lord Rhino. Manthar warned everyone to stay away from the Vipers, as they were putting all of the people they captured on the Death Mat.

Monday, 27th
The lineup for the Battle was Unicorns, Dragons, Harts, Lions and Gryphons against the Tarantuals, Bearsm Wolves, Vipers and Aegyptus.
The children worked hard to imprison the Hag. During the weekend, they were told to find the four elements; fire, water, air and earth. Two were found on Saturday and two on sunday. After being transported to 'The Fairy Tale Realm,' they fought the Hag's guards, then placed the four elements into a key and started hitting the Hag. She had no powers and after one of two minutes of fighting, the children were teleported back to the Gathering Lands, unconscious. The children that found the elementals found them back in their hands. The Hag was gone, as was their guard imp. They were informed that the balance of Good and Evil had been disturbed so that now good was overpowering evil, and they were told that the balance needed correcting. The Unicorn Children then gathered together and raided the Vipers Camp, stealing six flags.


As written by Faction Scribe Carrella

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