Group Description The tengu are crow goblins from the east their numbers hail from Cathay, Nihhon and Mangolia. The current incarnmation of the eternal Lord Kitaru has deemed that they must travel west to study and observe foreign behaviours, rituals and customs to reflect upon their own existence and continue on the path to enlightenment.
Base of operations Little Nippon in Teutonia
Group Leader's name Lord Kitaru
Group Leysite N/A
Contact us at N/A
Other information: The Tengu are experts in the art of warfare and only that can win our respect.
The Tengu left the Unicorn Faction with the Mercenary Alliance, to join the Gryphons.

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This is the home of the Unicorns Faction from the Lorien Trust Gathering system. This is a live roleplaying group and for further details on Live Role-playing and the Lorien Trust please check out the Lorien Trust website.