Group Description The group, who's name translates as Corsair Hunters, comes from islands to the South of unicorn lands. They have been waging a long war against a group of pirates and slavers. They recently decided to join the Unicorns in hope of recieving aid for their fight.'
Base of operations None at present, though hoping to set themselves up on Sven Isle.
Group Leader's name Temar D'Savage
Group Leysite None
Contact us at Hiroshi
Other information: Many notable members of the Pirata Venator are people who were rescued from pirate ships and agreed to join their rescuers.

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This is the home of the Unicorns Faction from the Lorien Trust Gathering system. This is a live roleplaying group and for further details on Live Role-playing and the Lorien Trust please check out the Lorien Trust website.