The O$R
Group Description Privateers and mercenaries, previously based in Albion. The O$R currently consists of the crew of the sloop of war Sara Moleste. Recently engaged by the monarchy to set up and run a coast guard, lifeboat and customs service in Mauritanjian waters. They could be thought of as the sea borne counterparts of the MPD.
Base of operations Currently based out of Shipyard Isle, but can be found cruising the coastlines of the archipelago in performance of their duties.
Group Leader's name Captain Ker Dior
Group Leysite N/A
Contact us at Ker Dior
Other information: Led by a fae this group is fairly diverse. Most of them are from off Edreja but having been here for a few years they are starting to settle in. They are currently recruiting, both crew for the Moleste and other reliable privateer groups that want to become affiliated to the unit.

They are also setting up lifeboat stations around the coast, crewed by locals who are paid bounty for engaging in rescues. They are also frequent visitors to the merfolk settlements in Mauritanjian waters, where they are also recruiting.
The Sara Moleste

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