Event in Question:
Narduk Nathnul, 1104
Pictures Credited to:
Meldir Cire


The victims of Fumbelina's 'pose the paralised' game
Me showing off my nice, shiney new claws
One of the True Unicorns and High Admiral Tarvan
The back of Grendal's head
People running to the aid of one of the victims of Dark Reaver
People standing around after a battle.
Some sort of daemony item attaching itself to Gaylyn
Denny and Josephine.
Denny and Josephene again.
Brogric on the sunday morning.
Wulfgang in the bar.
The Alashans and Primal Urge sat sitting.
Brogric in a bad mood.
one of the True Unicorns
Brother Jordie of the Temple of Sahdows.
Harry Micklethwaite.
Cornelius of the Ghostwalkers.

Dr. John Tapper.
Ailsa of Primal Urge.
Me, Tap and Lady Simal
Speaks with Dreams
Sill the Salamandakin
Someone walking through a strange mist that appeared before the attacks of the Dark Unicorns.
People going to play with whatever's lurking in the mists.
Things comings out of the mists to play back.
Another bout of mist spreading.
Amaroq in the mists
Being a little too close to Outcast.
Lucas coming out of the mists.
Lucas diving out of the mists.
Outcast with his shiney new crossbow.
To'ryllac'nala, the sister of Princess Rowan duPont


The Temple of Shadows
Glint Cire
The MPD and Primal Urge
The mutalated and broken body of Gaylyn
The Barstaff presenting Prince Vadek with a gift for the Troops
The Faction at the final muster
The Faction at the final muster
The Faction at the final muster
The Faction at the final muster
Duchess Diontessa
Narduk's unliving warriors beofre they went out to fight. ;)

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