One half of the pair of ancestors worshipped by many of the foxkin on Beast Isle, Ozymandius follows the ancient philosphy of Zen, devoting himself to objective, sarcastic observation and calm reflection on situations. The scholars of the foxkin of the island are his most devoted worshippers, while the warriors often prefer his counterpart. The scouts however, worship both. When he manifests himself, Ozymandius usually appears as a grey-furred foxkin kit, usually clad in a top hat and black waistcoat. The aspects that Ozymandius represents are Reflection and Meditation.

The second half of this pair of ancestors is Millicent. Where Ozymandius is calm and reflective, Millicent acts upon a whim, often violent or destructive. Despite their opposing natures Ozymandius and Millicent complement each other perfectly. Millicent is a prankster, worse so than most other foxkin. In fact it would seem that every part of the normal foxkin personality that does not manifest in Ozymandius has been exaggerated in Millicent. Millicent often appears as a classically-coloured foxkin kit, almost always clad in blue dungarees, often smeared with paint, dye, or whatever other substance was involved in her latest prank. Her aspects are that of Action and Reaction.

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