An Ancestor worshipped by Swiftblade's Company, Oggy represents all that is balance. Oggy is neither Good nor Bad, Chaotic nor Lawful and should not be considered Neutral.
Oggy teaches that, for example, Law cannot exist without its counterpart, Chaos, for they must oppose one another. The words themselves are meaningless without the opposite to use as a counter-definition. Chaos, in essence, means absence of law and order. The word "Order" would not form part of a vocabulary where there was no such thing as disorder.
Similarly with Good and Evil and Life and Death, they cannot exist without the other. Oggy teaches his followers these fundamental truths. However, unlike most teachings for balance, Oggy does not seek to covert others away from their chosen alignment, instead Oggy teaches them to embrace their beliefs and lends power to them for they must oppose each other to keep the balance in check. Life without death is meaningless. Unlife however, is another matter.
Oggy opposes unlife in that its very existence opposes nature itself. Nature is always balanced and Oggy is part of the natural "order" (Order being used in the loosest sense, bearing in mind that Chaos forms part of it). Oggy is very active in the opposition of unlife.
Oggy also opposes other unnatural forces that form no part of the scales, for example Dark Trade. Dark Trade forms no part of life's great scheme, for Trade can exist without Dark Trade, they do not balance each other in any way. Both unlife and Dark Trade, instead of being a part of the balance, would destroy the scales of balance themselves.

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