There are four Aspects that make up the Ancestor known as Ancalime, an Ancestor that sought to fight the taint of Dark Trade and is worshipped by several different groups within the Faction. Once, there were four Guardians and three Avatars of Ancalime, each representing one of the four Aspects, though for some reason, the White Avatar never appeared. While the Guardians represented the Aspects, the Avatars held their powers in mortal form. Guiding all of these beings was the Avatar of the Prophets. The Knights of Ancalime that became the Guardians have long since disbanded, with some dying, and others leaving the Faction, though there are still Knights of Ancalime on Erdreja.
The Avatars themselves have returned to Ancalime.

Ancalime the White:
The Aspect of Law. Also known as Dianysis, Ancalime the White has been known to appear as a large, glowing White Unicorn with a long, golden horn with golden hooves. She represents not only law, but also the idea of purity and as a result of this, abhors unliving, seeing them as going against the natural balance of the world. Ancalime the White's symbol is that of the Ankh.

Ancalime the Green:
The Aspect of Good. Also known as Salendoria. Like the other aspects, Ancalime the Green has been known to appear in the form of a Unicorn; chestnut brown, with a glowing pearl horn. It is also said that flowers and life are born from where her hooves tread. Ancalime the Green represents Goodness and Nature, and seeks to bring the unliving down in much the same way as Dianysis. However, the reason for this is vastly different, as she wishes to right the natural order and restore the patterns to relieve the trapped and tormented patterns. Ancalime the Green's symbol is that of the Harp.

Ancalime the Grey:
The Aspect of Chaos. Also known as Tassendal, Ancalime the Grey's Unicorn form is that of a small, grey Unicorn with a silver horn. Unlike the Green and White Aspects, Ancalime the Grey has no concerns about unliving, as he represents the Aspect of Chaos. Ancalime the Grey's Symbol is that of a magpie

Ancalime the Black:
The Aspect of Evil. Also known as Zell. His Unicorn form is that of a sinister, black Unicorn with ivory hooves that spark as they strike the ground. The eyes of this Unicorn glow with an evil red shine. Ancalime the Black will accept unliving, but only in servitude. Being the direct opposite of Ancalime the White, his symbol is a broken Ankh.

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