The True Unicorns

A lady of the True Unicorns, sent to aid the Faction in the battle against Narduk Nathnul, 1104

rue Unicorns, the animals from which the Faction takes its name are noble and inspiring creatures. Originally the guardians of Mauritanja, the True Unicorns were rarely seen by many and lived undisturbed throughout Mauritanja. However, when they came to the Faction for help against a large band of unliving, it was not suspected that the unliving had been raised by the Dark Unicorns, the brethren of the True Unicorns. However, regardless, once the truth came out about the Dark Unicorns being reawakened and their attempts bring back Narduk Nathnul, their leader, the True Unicorns gave their full support to the Faction, losing many of their own to Narduk's followers.

he True Unicorns are immensly powerful creatures and have amazing connections to the plains of life and light.

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This is the home of the Unicorns Faction from the Lorien Trust Gathering system. This is a live roleplaying group and for further details on Live Role-playing and the Lorien Trust please check out the Lorien Trust website.