Lord Tallarn
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hen the Unicorns discovered a new island near Mauritanja that had been hidden by the mists, they sent people to investuage. The lord of this island was called Lord Tallarn and he offered his assistance to the Unicorn faction in return for their protection and their acceptance of his practice of necromancy, a practice that had become part of the culture of Far Reach. The name Tallarn was the name of the Ancestor of the island and the most senior follower of Tallarn was named the Lord Tallarn and given power to serve the islanders in Tallarn's name.

allarn believed in the use of unliving and their destruction. Those that live upon his island were given the choices of not working when they are alive and once they died they would be raised as unthinking unliving and put to work. Once their debts were paid their bodies were laid to rest and their patterns corrected.

f course there are some that did not wish for this, and they worked alongside the others with no loss of face. Many of Lord Tallarn's advisors were amongst the living, spending their lives serving their fellow man. Indeed some choose to become unliving early, and were pattern altered in life and so become intelligent unliving; like the butler Hopkirk, or the bodyguard, Randall. Still upon their death, or their choice to pass on, they were dismissed and laid to rest so as to correct their pattern again.

he Faction spent a long while debating the issue and eventually travelled to Far Reach for a parliament to resolve the matter in 1103. The parliament ended with an apparent revalation that Lord Tallarn and the system was not all that it seemed. The Lord Tallarn lost his battle with his necromantic power and was consumed. The parliament on Far Reach turned into a route from the island shortly after when the liche king Narduk Nathnul arrived and took control of the unliving to attack the Faction. However, since the parliament, it has apparently emerged that the legacy of the Tallarn was a trick and a way of controlling the people of the island.

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