Valdrazar of the Shadowkin


The Shadowkin have fallen into war with the Unicorns, since the power struggle between Valdrazar and the rightful heir to the throne his sister Vikaria burst from the Shadowrealms and onto Erdreja. Vikaria supported the Unicorn people, but Valdrazar saw the Unicorns as ants and desired to be Lord over them all.

Until recently the Shadowkin lived in the Shadowrealms. Little is known about the Shadowrealms, except that they existed along side the mortal realm of Mauritanja and is the home of the Shadowkin that once resided on Mauritanja. They are believed to have been constructed by the elves that became the Shadowkin with the help of a human by the name of Bari. The powers of Dark Trade were used in their construction and many have theorized that this has caused the slow corruption that has affected the Shadowkin.

The Shadowkin use their own forms of magic called Shadowmagic, though often its powers mirror spellcasting in many aspects it also gives them access to powers beyond that of most mages. While the Shadowrealms were in existence the more powerful Shadowkin could shadowshift to the Shadowrealms with ease and appear almost anywhere. Since the Shadowrealms destruction the Shadowkin have become less powerful, but their King, Valdrazar, still has the ability to tap the remaining power of the Shadowrealms and move vast numbers of Shadowkin via magic.

As noted in the construction of the Shadow realms, Dark Trade has played a large part in the history of the Shadowkin. Its discovery, or at least its naming, was made by the Elves (those that were to become the Shadowkin) early in Mauritanja's history. Quite how the Shadowkin handled it is not known, but after the construction of the Shadowrealms their king gave into the power of Dark Trade and became the Dark Trade Demon of Bankruptcy.

After that time the Shadowkin seemed to have mostly turned aside from Dark Trade, its corruptive touch now becoming more evident. However, the Shadowkins latest Queen, Vikaria, seems to also have been tainted by the touch of Dark Trade which has spread to Queen Adelena as well. Though purged of its taint repeatedly the Shadowkin still seemed to be tainted by its touch.

In recent times the Shadowkin King, Eldrazar, decided that the Shadowkin would give the lands of Maurtianja over to the Unicorn people. After negotiation he gave the isles and the control of the defenses of Mauritanja, the Mists, to Lady Adelena on condition that she would become Queen. Lady Adelena agreed, with the backing of her nation, and Mauritanja became the Monarchy of the Unicorns. Eldrazar then decided to step down as king and let his daughter, Vikaria, succeed him.

Queen Vikaria had become the rightful ruler of the Shadowrealms and she supported the Unicorn Faction's claim to Mauritanja. However when the defenses of Mauritanja were destroyed her brother Valdrazar claimed the Unicorn people were incompetent to look after them. He seized power against Vikaria and then managed to bind her to the Shadowrealm.

With the destruction of the power source that kept the Shadowrealm in place, the Shadowrealm merged with Mauritanja and Vikaria, shackled as she was, merged with the Monarch of Mauritanja, Queen Adelena. Since then Valdrazar has reclaimed the power of his people and taken the Shadowkin to the Shadow Isles on Mauritanja's North West border. There he has raised defensive mists once more and demands the Unicorn people's fealty and the lands of Mauritanja to be turned over to him. He also wishes his sister returned to him, difficult as she still lies within the pattern of the Unicorn Queen.

At the Gathering 1102 AF, Valdrazar managed to kidnap Queen Adelena. He took her to Shadow Isle and ripped Vikaria's pattern from her, leaving her pattern corrupted like that of an unliving. He then proceeded to attempt to recreate the Shadow Realms with Vikaria's power, unknowing that a pattern of Fair Trade now lay within the womb of Vikaria, via Adelena and her latest husband Field Marshall Grimbold. The ritual went hideously wrong, devastating Shadow Isle and annihilating most of the Shadowkin. Valdrazar was hideously injured during the devastation and was flung into the void. The Unicorn forces then invaded Shadow Isle and destroyed the last of the Shadowkin troops. When Valdrazar emerged from the void once more, his power had faded so much that he couldn't escape and he was slain in the ritual circle by Field Marshall Grimbold and the gathered Unicorn forces. With Valdrazar died the last of the power of the Shadowkin, and any survivors were scattered to the winds.

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