Mephias, Dark Fae of Alasha

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ccording to the Alashans, Mephias was responsible for a failed ritual that forced them from their homeworld onto Erdreja. After sending a tael elemental, one of his minions created entirely from dark magic into a ritual that the Alashans were performing, he arrived at the second Moot of 1103 demanding that the Alashan were to hand over the Enose AeS, an Alashan item of some power into his control, claiming that they had stolen it. Since then, he and his followers have launched several carefully thought out attacks against the Faction, killing a number of Alashans, as well as apparently killing the Imperial Family at the Gathering of Nations, 1103. Some form of ritual was performed on them, though it is unclear what the purpose of this ritual was.

hile it would appear that the Dark Fae was a mage of considerable power and strength on Alasha, his powers on Erdreja were unknown. He had shown himself against the Faction on four seperate occasions, each demanding the Enose. His hand had also been seen behind the attacks on the Imperial Family at the Gathering of Nations 1103 and the aiding of Narduk Nathnul in the Savannah in 1104. During the muster in the Savannah, Mephias's minions attacked and managed to take the Enose from the Alashans. While rites were conducted in an attempt to retrieve the Enose and other manners of search were carried out, Mephias remained hidden until the spring of 1105.

ritual was conducted in an attempt to summon Mephias to Prince Vadek's castle and finally destroy the Fae. Something went awry however, and Mauritanja began to combine with the Alashan plane of Darkness, Tael-eb-Amoth. With this connection in place, the other Enose of Alasha, as well as the Alashan Avatars were pulled through into Erdreja. Mephias and his people were eventually summoned to the ritual circle, but rather than being destroyed, he took control of the circle and released a necromantic blast at the world of Alasha. It is believed that due to its weakened defences, Alasha could not cope with the alien energies of necromancy, and was therefore destroyed.

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