Narduk Nathaniel and the Dark Unicorns

Narduk Nathnal on Far Reach with his minions and Rhino's Axe

uring the Moots of 1103, a number Unicorns approached the Faction and requested aid against a large group of unliving that were advancing towards the Alchimer Mountains on North Isle, heading for the Unicorn Grave Yard, and at the Gathering of that year, the brother of Cadrus Cornus, the Unicorn and the Ancestor of Mauritanja appeared, claiming to have possessed Cadrus's body.

n possession of this body, the Dark Unicorn, then known to be Narduk Nathnal, Cardrus' brother, demanded that the Hornblade be returned to him. His exact reasons for wanting the Hornblade were unclear, but he showed that he was willing to fight to obtain it, raising legions of Unliving to attack the Faction. Several Unicorns fell to Narduk and his minions, both Dark Unicorns and the Unliving.

hen the Unicorns finally faced Narduk in a fair battle, Narduk managed raised legions of unliving to aid him, as well as pulling large numbers of Dark Unicorns to his side. Aided by Dark Reaver, he slaughtered many members of the Faction and decimated the armies, before being substantially weakened and forced to flee. When the Unicorns finally trapped him, he managed to gain the Hornblade. The faction tried many way to kill him, but Narduk cried out that he no longer needed Cadrus' body, his pattern leaving it. At the time, many believed Narduk to be defeated.

lmost a year later, Narduk returned to the Faction with Cadrus. Rather than the skeletal form however, Narduk appeared as corporeal, having Ascended to the ranks of the Unicorn Ancestors.

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