The Dark Hunters

One of the Dark Hunters

east Isle legends speak of the Dark Hunters, a group of thirteen creatures that stalked the Island, preying upon any beastkin they came across, killing them and taking their skins for their own. Unlike most legends however, the rumours of the Dark Hunters were firmly based upon facts. The earlist records of Beast Isle's histories tell of the Dark Hunters, describing them as monsterous savages that draw their powers from the pain, the fear and even the very essence of the creatures that they slay, flaying their skins before donning them themselves.

or many years, the Dark Hunters preyed on the people of the Island, with no family untouched by the deaths and slaughter that the creatures brought with them. In 1104 however, two years after the people of Beast Isle began trading once again with the mainland, the Hunters seemed to disappear. For six months, rather than the multitude of murders and disappearances, nothing was heard. In the spring of 1105, the killing began again, twice as ferocious as before. What is more, with the discovery of a transport circle on Beast Isle, the Hunters have been seen on the mainland of Mauritanja. Their intentions as yet are unclear.

More will be added when it is know

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