Akasha DuPont

Akasha addressing the Faction at the second Moot of 1103

t the Gathering of Nations, 1104, our former Empress, Lady Akasha DuPont turned against her Faction, betraying us and revealing her true intent. It was revealed that a string of deaths throughout the Faction could be laid dircetly at her feet.

t is not clear exactly why Akasha turned on her people, but she has been denounced by those that once followed her. We know many of her strengths and weaknesses and it is hoped that she will soon be brought to Unicorn Justice for the blood on her hands.

any of Akasha's powers are known to the Faction. She can weild the abilities of High Magic, and is a daemonologist of some power. She has also gathered a collection of strong allies around her, not only her loyal retainers such as her husband Lord Errtu and his Deathguard, but also many of the enemies that have been plauging the Faction, such as Mephias and the Tainted. It is unknown how long they have been serving her, but now that we know that they are being aided by Akasha, it explains many of the mysteries surrounding the Tainted's abilities to leave Son Lista unseen and the purposes of Mephias's ritual at the Gathering 1103.

kasha's city of Bedlam was besieged in the Winter of 1104, with the Unicorns destroying most of her armies. Akasha's body however, was never found. While some believed her dead, there are a great many more that believed she was lying low and rebuilding her forces.

uPont returned to Erdreja at the Moots of 1105 with her Court. After several months of attacking creatures and causing desturbances, they launched a full-scale attack on the Unicorns at the Gathering of Nations 1105. 5 of the Court and Akasha herself led a group of 35 daemon cultists against the Faction. After a long fight, a tear in the Void opened and some form of creature stepped out, destroying Akasha and dedicating her pattern. What this means for the faction, we are as yet unsure.

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